June 28, 2014

About Us




The Social License Consortium (SLC) specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development covering all stakeholders from the perspective of  engagement and participatory planning, mobilization and strengthening capacity and local assets, risk identification and mitigation strategies for stakeholders, as well as diversification of the local economy. We develop the skills of professionals, local government, companies, and communities to achieve a sustainable future.

We have offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as well as in Mexico City, Mexico.

Vision: SLC will support the creation of economic and cultural wealth for all stakeholders by catalyzing strong, self-sustaining, financially sound community based business clusters that lead to a full realization by the community of the region’s natural, social, human and financial potential.

Mission: SLC works with local communities and industry to develop the socioeconomic foundations for the community to benefit from the opportunities being created by a corporate entity working in their region. This results in the full realization of the socioeconomic capital generated by the natural and human resources and allow the company to obtain the Social License to Operate.

SLC achieves their Mission by

1) Funding and implementing long term sustainable capacity building projects in Canada and abroad,

2) Educating communities and corporations in the benefits stemming from long term projects which will have positive socioeconomic and environmental outcomes, and ultimately,

3) Investing for the long term in community based business clusters that yield longer returns and leveraged financial and social outcomes.